This is the statue of raja Humabon who was a former King of Cebu. This picture is from the site http://traveleronfoot.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/humabon.jpg.

Magellan visits Cebu

Magellan arrived at Cebu in April 7, 1521. The King of Cebu, Raha Humabon refused to meet Magellan but his closed friend King Kolambu persuaded that they are only here to be friends. They become guest of the Cebuanos.

The wealth of the Cebuanos impressed the Spaniards. Cebu has a trade relation with China, Thailand and other barangay of the Philippines. King Humabon and Magellan made a blood compact as sign of friendship between them. On April 14, 1521, a mass was held on the shore. After the mass, many Cebuanos were invited to convert to Christianity. Humabon and his Family also get baptized. 
The queen was given a beautiful image of the Child Jesus (Santo Niño), which became the patron saint of Cebu until now. Later, The King's brother was  miraculously cured which astonished the Cebuanos and became baptized as Catholics.