This is an image of some of the 'anitos' of the early Filipino. This picture was drawn by Mariel Agraan.


Early Filipinos were pagans where they believe in their Supreme God which they called the "Bathala", the creator of heaven, earth, and men. Aside from him, they also believe in God for different events. Some of them are as follows:

1. IDIYANALE- God of Farming
2. SIDAPA- God of Death
3. BALANGAW- God of Rainbow
4. MANDARANGAN- God of War
5. AGNI- God of Fire
6. MAGWAYEN- God of Underworld
7. LALAHON- God of Harvest
8. SIGINARUGAN- God of Hell

Aside from all this, they worship Nature and Anito. Anito could be Good or Bad. If they want to catch many fishes and to have an abundant harvest they will give foods to the Anito. All of the Ceremony, Ritual and offerings was led  by a babaylan or a lady priest.
This is a picture of a babaylan or a priestess which performing a ritual. This picture is drawn by Mhel Jhustine G. Tuguigui.