This picture shows Malakas at Maganda when the Bamboo splits into two. This picture is from the site www.bambooman.com/images/malakas.jpg.

Malakas at Maganda

        There is also myths which told by old folks to little children. The story of this myth called “Malakas and Maganda” goes as follow:

        Long time ago, after the land was formed as a result of the war between the sea and the sky, the clever bird, which incited the war, flew ashore. It landed on a bamboo plant in order to rest. While resting, it happened to peck the bamboo. Suddenly, the bamboo split apart. Out of the first half of the Bamboo came a hand- some man, and out of the second half of the Bamboo came a beautiful women. The man was named Malakas, and he was the first man in the world. The woman was named Maganda, and she was the first women in the world.

        Malakas and Maganda got married and they have children. From these children came the Filipinos.