This is an image of an indones. This image was drawn by Mhel Jhustine G. Tuguigui.

Migration of Indones

              Based on Prof. Beyer, Indonesian arrived in our Country at the second stage of migration. The first stage was by tall and thin Indonesian. They sailed in boats from South Asia for about 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. The second stage, 1,500 years B.C., were composed of people who have a tan skin and small Indonesian.
        They came from Indo- China and South China. Like in the first stage of migration, they use boats to go in our Country. The Indigenous groups like Iraya, Hanunoo, Nauhan of Mindoro and Batak of Palawan came from the race of Indonesians. These groups also have the same reflexes with the Indonesians. Iraya and Batak looks like of those in the group of Veddoid in Indonesia.

             One of the our famous inheritance from the Indonesians was the payaw or what we call rice terraces aside from being a rice plantation it also serve as a vegetable plantation.