This is a picture of a badjao that lives in a boat house. This is drawn by Timothy Ahyong.


In the ancient times, early Filipinos lived in houses which were made of wood, bamboo, and palm leaves. All houses had a ladder which could be drawn up at night. They also have a place under their house where they keep rice, chickens, and firewood.

Some of the early Filipinos built their houses on top of the tree for safety. Some of the Filipinos in our times like the "Bagobo" and "Kalinga" still live in such houses. 

In some places near the shore, the early Filipinos shelter were called "boat houses" because they were like boats which float in the water. But there are some which were attached to the ground. The "Badjaos" lived in this kind of house.

The house of a "Datu" was big and full of design. It was surrounded by small houses of his relatives and some of his slaves. They do not allow anyone to build a bigger house than the house of the "Datu".

This is the other kind of house which was built on top of a tree. This is drawn by Eriza Saclolo.