This is a drawing of the ship 'Victoria'. Victoria is one of the ships that Ferdinand Magellan used in his expedition. This picture was drawn by Davidson Uong.

Discovery of the Philippines

The Philippines was invaded by the Spaniards in the 16th Century. They made our country a colony of Spain. At that time, Colonialism was popular among the European Powers. The people of the colony is no longer free and under the control of Spaniards. Colonialism is also called Imperialism where the country became a great empire because they have many colony. All of the countries which are part of the European Powers had became rivals.

Motives of Spain in our Country

The Spaniards came to the Philippines for these reasons: God, Gold, and Glory.

The first aim of Spain is to spread the Roman Catholic Religion. The Spanish king wants people to be converted into Christians. Their second aim is to  get rich and  control the spice trade in Asia. If they would be  the one to controls the Spice trade in Asia they will be the richest  nation in the world. And their third aim is to became the greatest empire in the world during the 16th Century. They also name our Country after King Philip II.