This is a picture of Lapu Lapu who fought Magellan. This picture is from the site http://www.philippines.hvu.nl/images/lapulapu.jpg.

Defeat of Magellan

The time comes when Magellan wanted all Filipino kings to surrender to Spain. But there was one brave Filipino ruler which is King Lapulapu of Mactan who defied Magellan.

One day King Zula asked Magellan for help in defeating Lapulapu because they are rival. Magellan agreed to Zula because he also wanted to kill Lapulapu. On April 27. 1521, Magellan attacked Mactan. Magellan told other Cebuano to stay in their boat. Only Magellan and 60 other men attacked Lapulapu's Kingdom.

Lapulapu and his warriors fought like lions and defeated Magellan. Magellan told his men to retreat to their boats. Lapulapu and his warriors surrounded Magellan and killed him.

After the defeat of the Spaniard in the "Battle of Mactan", they returned to Cebu. But the Cubuanos did not respect them anymore. On May 1, 1521, the Spaniards were invited to a feast day by King Humabon. While they are enjoying the feast, the Cebuanos attacked and killed the Spaniards. There are 18 who survived and quickly returned to Spain on September 6, 1522.