Social Classes

There are three classes in the society in the Pre-colonial Period. These are the Nobles, The Freeman, and the Dependents. The Nobles were composed of the Rich persons, Politician and their families. The free man are the independent man which can do everything they want. And the Last type were the Dependents, they were the slaves. They sometimes inherit their status from their relatives or sometimes they haven't pay their debts and It could be that they commit a crime which was their sentence is being a slave.

Role of Women 

The role of Filipino women in the Pre-colonial period was respected in the society. For example, they can join in Politics, they are given importance in the community, and they are the priestess or the "babaylan" which dominates in the role of men in their religion.

Every Filipino especially men has a deep respect to the Filipino women. They show their respect by walking behind them for safety and they also have the right to choose the names of their children. Unlike in the Spanish Colonial Period,  women could not participate in Politics and they are just made for organizing their houses.