This is a picture of Alibata used by the early Filipinos in writing. Alibata is our first alphabet. This image is from the site http://www.christusrex.org/www1/pater/alphabet/baybayin-alibata.jpg.

Language,Writing and Education.

    The Filipinos Then have different languages and dialect. The language of the Philippines is much alike to the Malay- Polynesian language. Notice that our language is connected to other language that which is also used by other countries. For instance, the word "ama" in Malay- Polynesian language has the same meaning in our language while the word "babji" in Malay- Polynesian language is "Babae" in our language.

    The early Filipinos write on banana lives, tree- barks, and bamboo tubes by an instrument called "sipol". The first Filipino alphabet was called "alibata" which consist of three vowels and fourteen consonants.

    In the ancient times there is no schools where children could learn how to write, read, calculate and do tribal customs . Both boys and girls were  taught in their house by their parents or by an old men in their barangay. They are also trained their sons to be warriors, hunter, and farmers while the girls were taught cooking, weaving and  other domestic works.