This is a picture of Ferdinand Magellan. We was the first man who made an expedition in our country. This picture was drawn by Mhel Jhustine G. Tuguigui.

Magellan's Expedition

It is not an accident when Magellan came into our Country, it was all planned. When Magellan heard that the Philippines is a very rich land Ferdinand Magellan asked for financial assistance to the King Manuel, the King of Portugal at that time. But the king did not agree and just told him to go away.

Magellan traveled to Spain and asked for the help of the King and Queen of Spain. The King and Queen gets interested when Magellan said that he could find a new route  to the East by using the Secret passage and so they ordered an expedition to accompany Magellan to his Voyage.

On September 20, 1517, the expedition of Magellan left Spain for the East. They crossed the secret passage that only Magellan knows. They crossed pacific Ocean until they rich the Philippines.