Propaganda Movement

By 19th century, the Filipinos campaigned for reforms in the colony. This peaceful campaign was led by Filipino writers like Dr. Jose Rizal and others. This movement was dedicated for three priests (GomBurZa) who were executed. They started the Propaganda in Spain.

The aims of the Propaganda movement are as follow:
Recognition of the Philippines as a province of Spain
Recognition of Human rights
Equal Status of both Filipinos and Spaniards
Philippine representation in the Spanish Cortes
Secularization of Philippine parishes
        They requested these reforms by publishing a newspaper called “La Solidaridad”. It was founded by Graciano Lopez Jaena. The first issue appeared in Barcelona, Spain on February 15, 1889.

        The Propaganda Movement ended when Dr. Jose Rizal was exiled in Dapitan. Dr. Rizal would be shot by a firing squad at Luneta on December 30, 1892.