This a picture of a Malay which migrated in our Country a long time ago. This picture is drawn by Jihyun Hwang.

Migration of Malay

        The Malay came after the Indonesians, about 2,000 years ago. They also sailed in boats from South Asia. The Malays are more civilized than the Indonesians. They had government, writing, education, trading. Their source of living are hunting, fishing, trading and farming. Malays were medium in height, brown skinned, dark eyes, flat nose and straight black hair. There are some Malay tribe such as the Igorots, Ifugaos, Bontoks and Tinggians of Luzon.
        There is a legend that described how the Malays came in our Country; this story is called “Maragtas”. Between 1200- 1250's, ten Malay Datus together with their families, household and subordinate fled the tyrranical rule of Makatunaw, the Shri-Vijaya Sultan of Bornay (Borneo).
         Led by Datu Puti, the Sultanate Minister, they landed in the Island of "Aninipay" or Panay. They bartered their gold and jewelries with the local Ati Chieftain Marikudo for the lowlands, plains and valleys of the Island they called "Madya-as" or Paradise. The land where time began; the birth of the Ilonggo Nation and the cradle of ancient Filipino civilization.
        For about 300 years before the coming of the Spaniards, the Ilonggos lived in comparative prosperity and peace under an organized government, the "Katiringban et Madia-as" or the Confederation of Madya-as and with such laws as the Code of Kalantiaw.