This is the picture of a 'birey' (left) and a 'birocco' (right). This ships were made for transportation. This picture were made by Mary Henri Real.

Early Economy

The main industry of ancient Filipinos was farming. The ancient Filipino farmers used to methods of cultivation. The first method was the kaingin method, where farmers sets fire to the Shrubs and bushes to clear the land. The second method was the regular means of tillage using wooden plows and harrows which is drawn by Carabaos. In some regions, irrigation was used to increase production and as evidence is the Ifugao Rice Terraces.

The early Filipinos also have the system of public and private land ownership. The mountain slopes and less arable land belongs to the public property of the barangay while the cultivated lands were owned by families for occupation, purchase or inheritance.

Other industries that the early Filipinos have were fishing, lumbering, mining, metal works, making tools and weapon, weaving, raising poultry and stocks, shipbuilding and manufacturing wines. 
This is a drawing of a lipa and Sappit which. This are some of the ships made by the Filipinos in the pre-colonial period. This was drawn by Mhel Jhustine Tuguigui.