This is a picture of the sinulog festival in Cebu. This picture is found in the site http://www.pinoylife.jp/img/news/Sinulog-Festival.jpg.

Fiestas and Recreation

Spaniards introduced to us Fiestas and religious occasions.They satisfy the Filipinos love for pageantry and food. In this occasions Filipinos wore their best clothes and they could eat and drink as much as they could. Every town and barangay had its own patron saint. The feast day of their patron was celebrated each year in their town or barangay. The fiesta was a religious celebration which persisted up to the present. The different activities during fiesta included a mass, musical and dance performance, procession, and fireworks. 
There were also different pastimes in the Spanish Period. Some of this are Cockfighting
which was legal in the Spanish Period, Horse-racing which is a favorite pastime of the Spanish 
There are also different games enjoyed by the children. Some of this are swimming, boat-
racing, patintero, sipa, juego de anillo and kite flying.