This is the Tabon Cave where Dr. Robert Fox made his excavation. This is located in Palawan. This image is from the site http://www.pcsd.ph/photo_gallery/wonders/taboncave-front.gif.

Our early ancestors

    There are so many question on the past which could not be fully answered like "Who are the first people that lived in the Philippines?" and "How and when did they came here?". There are 3 main sources of explanation for the Origin of the Filipinos;

1. The Biblical story
2. Myth of Malakas and Maganda
3. Migrations Theory.

    In this we will discussed this three theories to make clearer view about the Our ancestral Origin.

First Filipino

    The first Filipino arrived in the Philippines in the middle of Pleistocene Age about 500,000 years ago, when our Country is still connected in the Continent of Asia and other near country. There are 5 land bridges that connects the Philippines to Asia. These are Borneo- Palawan, Borneo- Sulu Mindanao, Celebes- Mindanao, New Guinea- Mindanao, and Taiwan- West Luzon.
They had lived in caves in Palawan such as in Tabon Cave where Dr. Robert Fox made an excavation and found remains of human and animals with stone tools and jars. Dr. fox called the remains of the man, "Tabon Man" because it was found in Tabon Cave.